Repeat group data not been shown on web while editing the form


I am facing the following the issue.
My form has the repeat group question. We are collecting the data on tablets running on android. When we are trying to edit the data (on web, enketo), the repeat group questions and data are not shown but their data is shown when we are viewing the form.

we are collecting data since 20 days and today this is the first time we are facing such issue.

Any help is greatly appreciated.
thank you

Could you kindly share with us a screenshot of how it looks like. We would also appreciate if you could list out the steps so that we could test it and reproduce it at our end.

While viewing the form the group 200B (1st image) is shown but when I press edit (last image) the 200B group is not shown (2nd image)

Still not clear! Could you kindly share with us the exact steps you followed so that we could replicate it at our end.

Dear Kal_lam could you please share your email ID so that I could talk to you in personally

Could you kindly continue with this post so that we could document it for future reference too. Thank you for your kind understanding!

Dear Kal_lam please find the XLS file below. I am facing issue, when I try to edit the submitted form, the 200B repeat group is not been displayed.

When collecting data, every thing is fine but while trying to edit on web, this is happening. As I already said, today this is the first time we are facing the issue. Even yesterday I have edited the data (repeat group 200B) and was working fine. I dont know what happened today suddenly. aowZbCgMig4jvqUCbBV8HN.xlsx (24.2 KB)

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Looking at your xlsform i see the following (which could have affected your edits):

  1. The repeat group for 200 B Labour Force Participation since lockdown is locked with the value of Q211A.
  2. The value of Q211A should be equal to 4.

So would you mind checking these and see if that’s what is causing the issue at your end.

I want the repeat to be fixed at 4 so I have locked with Q211A.
I have tried deleting the question Q211A and fixed repeat count to 4 and still the problem continues.

I request you to deploy the form and then enter the dummy data (only for the repeat group) and then view the submitted form(you will see repeat group data) and then try editing the submitted form (you will see that there will be no repeat group). I hope this will explain my concern.

And as I have already said since 20 days I have been using the same questionnaire which I have shared with you and there was no issues, but today I am facing the issue.

Hi @rohith_kumar,

As a quick workaround, would you mind creating a simple repeat group questions say with name, age and sex and then deploy them. Collect data and submit to the server. Then go and edit the submissions and add or remove some repeats.

I didn’t have any issues with removing or adding. Would you mind trying the same at your end with a dummy survey project.

Dear Kal_lam, as you have said, I have tried what you said and every thing is fine.

but I have issue in the form that I have shared with you. could you please follow the below steps.

  1. Put ‘yes’ for Do you wish to participate in the survey (no need to enter other details)
  2. select any option for Q212
  3. select any option for Q213 (better select unemployed as this will skip the subsequent questions)
    Do the same for other 3 repeats and then submit.
    Then when you will view the form (Data tab=tables) you will find the data for the 200B group but when you click edit, you will not find the 200B group data. this is my concern.

I know this may be a bit irritating I have been repeating the same things in my previous replies also, but the issue is not been solved and this is bothering me.

could you please try this in the xls form which I have shared and could you please solve the issue. I am attaching the form again.aowZbCgMig4jvqUCbBV8HN.xlsx (24.2 KB)

Hi @rohith_kumar
Could you send a private message to @Kal_Lam and so that we look at it from your own account. This message should contain your username, server, and name of the project


OK i have made a dummy entry of the form you have shared. Now please let me know the question number you wish me to edit in my dummy entry. Will give it a try.

Thank you Kal_lam. I request you to kindly view the submitted form(on enketo web), you will see 200B repeat group data but when you will click on edit form, you will not find the data of 200B repeat group displayed on enketo web.

Do you mean this one (highlighted with a red box):

Note: Here i see a repeat group question but am not able to edit it. Is this your issue?

The issue you mentioned in note is my issue.
The 200B group consists of question from 212 to 217 (which appears when we view and doesn’t appear when we click edit as shown in screenshot and highlighted)
The question 219 is outside the repeat group and there is no issue with this question.

I believe you might have entered some dummy data for 200B group, but when you click edit you don’t see the repeat group data as shown in the screenshot.

OK, while removing the constraint from your xlsform as shown in the image below:

The issue seems to be solved (i.e. i am able to view the repeat group):

Thank you Kal_Lam but I want that repeat group to be repeated 4 times (repeat_count4). Please suggest me other way

Dear Kal_lam I have noticed that on 21 dec the enketo web was updated and since then I have been facing this above issue. I would like to know the reason for this issue because for the past 20 days I have been using the same form with out any issues but after the enketo update I am facing the issue.

We had the same issue previously,
the solution is it to put the repeat group into begin_group and end_group