Repeat group if necessary

Can I put a logic on repeat group if necessary option?

I have to collect the data of a household’s female members.
1st Q: How many female members live here?

Questions followed by:
2nd Q: Name of the female member
3rd Q: Age
4th Q: Relation

I have created a group for the Q 2-4. And set it to the Repeat group if necessary.

But I want to set a logic on that based on Question 1. For example: if the answer of Question 1 is 3, data collectors will not be able to repeat that group more than 3 times. Is it possible to add that logic? Seeking help! TIA.

Consider including a repeat count which will basically restrict the instances to repeat based on Q1. With repeat count, you wont have to worry about data collectors repeating the group fewer or more times than the required. You can read more about this on the link below.


Thank you so much.

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