Repeat of several Groups in one form is not working

Could anyone help me.
I want to begin repeat the facilitator_info group based on the number_of_facilitator and repeat the participant_info based on the number_of_participant in one form. I am using the reference of ${number_of_facilitator} and ${number_of_participant} in the repeat_count column but it is not working.
Below is the screen short of the file.
Thank you.

@Maftun, we do have some worarounds here discussed previously which could be helpful for you.

Did you check your form with the Online validator, please?

The second repeat_count is syntactically not correct, as this reference is an indexed-repeat case.

Could you describe what you exactly want to do here, please?

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Thank you very much.

Thank you very much for providing ways of solutions. I found the mistake. I should use repeat index function instead of just referencing

My feeling was more that this is a cascading repeat (all participants per facilitator). Then you would need to put the second repeat inside the first one, and you can use the number_participants directly (without indexed…).

Maybe, you should review the requirement and the relationships to represent, e.g. 1… n organisations 1 — 1…n facilitators 1 — 1… n participants? Also, questions like this: Can a facilitator work for more than one organisation? Can a participant be related to more than one facilitator? Can a combination of sane facilitator and same participant happen more than once in time? What is the use case you want to store with one form?