Repeat result in a form

Hi, I want to know how can I put the same answer from a select list into another field or question on the form.
I have tried to do it by collecting the result in a question of type note and writing in the title $ {field_name} but the answer does not appear in the data table. I want the exact same answer to be seen.
Could you help me by indicating how I can solve this?

@Akratos, is this something you are looking for that has already been discussed in the community before:

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Thanks @Kal_Lam, but I still can’t solve the problem. Where on the Kobo form the formula should be indicated? Sorry, but I don’t have a lot of programming experience.
Where do I paste my formula? where on the Kobo form?

Ok @Kal_Lam, I downloaded the XLSform and followed the steps indicated in the post. I loaded the new XLSForm, but the form still doesn’t do what I want.


Hi @Akratos
Your form should be able to work without any struggle. Could you please confirm with a screenshot the behavior you see in this? Also just ensure the two questions are not in the same group with appearance setting field-list



Hi @stephanealoo, I have already detected the problem. The solution works, but the answer that I am repeating is in a group that is displayed using an exclusion logic. The form detects the answer and replicates it only when the group has been previously displayed, that is, questions 1 and 2 must both appear on the screen for the result of one to be copied into the other. If the group has not been displayed the previous answer will not be replicated. Any suggestion?
Any way to just copy the result and have it appear in the database without using a list of options?

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I have solved it following the method indicated by the post recommended by @Kal_Lam, however, I have used a variation using a text type question. In this way, the answer is replicated regardless of whether the conditioned group has been deployed or not.

My variant looked like this:

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Thank you for sharing your solution with the entire community, @Akratos!