Repeated cycles

Dear community,

my form validator tells me there is repeated cycles. i cannot find this in the form attached below.

kindly help out.

PanAfricare_HH_Survey_Tool_2023 (1).xlsx (106.1 KB)

Can you check your form with the Online validator and provide a screenshot of the error(s), please.

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@wroos . the online validator give the screen shot attached. however, when i deploy the form, i get the following message;

your form cannot be deployed because it contains errors:

ODK Validate Errors: >> XForm is invalid. See above for the errors. : Cycle detected in form’s relevant and calculation logic! The following nodes are likely involved in the loop: ${hhs2b} ${hhs_score_total} ${q_f4_other} ${q_f4} ${q_f2_other} ${q_f1_other} ${q_j5} ${hhs1b} ${q_j20_other} ${q13_other} ${q10_other} ${disability} ${q12_f} ${q12_e} ${q12_d} ${q12_c} ${q12_b} ${q12_a} ${q_c21_other} ${q_c22_other} ${q_j19_other} ${q_j20} ${q_j19} ${q_c20_other} ${q_j12_other} ${q_j12} ${q_j13} ${q_j10_other} ${q_k8} ${q_k4} ${hhs3b} ${survey} ${iycf} ${q_h4_other} ${weighted_csi1} ${q_h2_other} ${weighted_csi2} ${weighted_csi3} ${weighted_csi4} ${weighted_csi5} ${q_h2} ${q_n13_other} ${q_j10} ${hhs3a} ${q_n3} ${q_n7} ${q_n6} ${q_n4} ${q_n5} ${q_n11_other} ${q_n6_other} ${q_n5_other} ${problems} ${q_d6_other} ${asst_type} ${q_d10_other} ${q_n13} ${hhs2a} ${q7_1_3_a} ${q_h16} ${q_h15} ${q_h13} ${q_h10} ${antcare} ${q_h14a} ${q_h14b} ${q_h14c} ${q_h14d} ${q_h17} ${q7_1_1_a} ${q7_1_2_a} ${q_n16_other} ${q_n15_other} ${q_n17_other} ${q_n15} ${q_n16} ${hhs1a} ${q_g10} ${q_n9} ${q_n12} ${q_f17_other} ${q8_other} ${q8} ${hfemale} ${q_n11} ${seek} ${q_g10_other} ${q_g12_other} ${q_g13_other} ${q_h16_other} ${q_h15_other} ${q_h13_other} ${q_h11_other} ${q_h12} ${q_h11} ${q_n8k} ${q_n8j} ${q_n8i} ${q_n8h} ${q_n8o} ${q_n8n} ${q_n8m} ${q_n8l} ${age} ${q_n8s} ${q_n8q} ${q_n8p} ${q_n8c} ${q_n8b} ${q_n8a} ${q_n8g} ${q_n8f} ${q_n8e} ${q_n8d} ${q_c9_other} ${q_c10} ${q_c6_other} ${q_c6} ${q_c8_other} ${q_c8} ${q_c4} ${q_b4} ${q_b5} ${q_b6} ${q_b10} ${q_b8} ${q_b2} ${q_b3} ${q_b2_other} ${q_h17_other} ${q_c18_other} ${weightedcsi} ${problems_other} ${q_c14d} ${q_c14g} ${q_c14a} ${q_c14b} ${q_c14e} ${q_c14h} ${q_c14c} ${q_c14f} ${q_c14_other} ${e2} ${q_c16} ${e2_other} ${q_c17_other} ${q_c14} ${hhscat} ${csi_cat} The following files failed validation: ${tmp21q0kpos} Result: Invalid