Repeated Form

Hello, I trust you are doing well.

I am currently collecting information for a service mapping project. Typically, these tools are extensive and encounter resistance in Venezuela when it comes to responses.

A colleague mentioned that in KoBo, it is possible for an individual to complete a form, then send it back for review and validation of the information using a link generated at the time of sending the form (this link corresponds to the previously answered form).

I would like the organization’s focal point to be able to fill out and submit the form, and after two months, I could send it back to them with the previously provided information for validation and potential updates.

Is this functionality possible in KoBo, and if so, under which option?

Thank you in advance!

Welcome to the community, @zhilen111! You could validate the data through the server but not by sending the editable link. Maybe you should be able to learn about the same through our support article Record Validation.