Repeated group skip logic

Hi All,

I have a household roster which is using repeating group. There is a question within that roster on number, whether the member was hospitalized in the last 365 days(select one- yes -1 , no-2; block3_q3). If yes, then number of times the particular member is hospitalized in the last 365 days (block3_q3_1). I want another repeating group asking questions on hospitalization details, and that group(block9) should open if the member was hospitalized and it should repeat number of times they were hospitalized based on the answer(which is an integer value) given by the member in the household roster(previous repeating group). Could you please tell me how can i repeat block9 for every member whose answer is>=1 and the block should be repeated number of times the person was hospitalized for the particular member? Also, how can I pull name of the member from household roster (block 3)? Please see the excel attached.
Book3.xlsx (11.4 KB)

@Kal_Lam , please help me with this query

@archanadang, maybe try keeping a nested repeat within a repeat group. That should solve your issue.

@Kal_Lam. We want to ask block 9 once we are done with block3. So nested repeat is not an option for us.