Repeating a group of questions for the options selected from a multiple response question

Dear Kal
I am facing a problem in cascading.

My questions are
What are different water resources in the community? (there are 14 options for it)
As per the choosing the options I need to ask questions related to that
eg. 1. number of selected resources available in the village
2. Use of that water resource (there are 5 options for use)
3. As per the usage we wanted to ask a share of households using that resource for that usage

I have uploaded the XLS file in kobocollect, but if I choose multiple options then it will allow opening the next questions related to that option.

Welcome to the community, @Vishwa! Are you trying to cascade a select multiple question?

Yes. In my project, we are asking what kind of water resources are available in the village.
As per the selection of the available resources we wanted to ask questions related to that.

Now when we choose one water resource, the next questions related to that resource are open. But if we choose more than one then it is not working and the next questions related to that water resources are not cominig.

Key_infor_survey_07102021.xlsx (26.4 KB)

OK seems like this is something you are trying to do (that has already been discussed in the community before):

Thanks, Kal, for the quick response. I think it will solve my issues.

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