Repeating group dependancy error : "Context node was not supplied"


I’m getting trouble submitting form : it doesn’t load after filling up and if I reload the web page and try to reload the submit I get this error message

FormLogicError: Could not evaluate: …/Type_d_ingr_dient = ‘autre__sp_cifier’, message: Context node was not supplied.

I made some searches :

It looks like linked to an old enketo-core dependency wich made a bug on repeating group with dependancy when repeat count is 0 or empty.
But I actually cannot update Enketo as I’m working on the kobotoolbox webserver.

The link to my xls form :

Any Idea how to avoid it?

I seem to be having a challenge with downloading the form you attached. Could you attach the XLS directly here? If it has private information then use private messaging



Indeed It last just some week on the web. But I actually solved my problem by deleting all my conditions on questions and then adding it again. I suppose this was due to how I created some conditional question in repeating groups : by copying a first one and then modifying the condition to match the new setup. I also made modifications on responses that conditional questions was refering to.
Even if all the modalities were correctly setted up, I tought the fact that I made successive modifications confused the achitecture of repeating groups.

Thank you althought for your help.