Repeating Grouped Data not showing in KoboToolBox Table View or thru Default/Custom Report

Hi All.

Good day. I wish to share an observation using the KoboToolBox Table Viewer or using the Default or Custom Reports. It seems any Repeated Group Data are not shown on both of these data viewing facilties but the data are present when survey results are exported/downloaded in XLS format.

I would like to check if there is a workaround on this matter or is this a known bug.

I am sharing some screenshots.

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Welcome back to the community @mon_tejano! Kindly please be informed that this feature at the moment does not exist in the KoBoToolbox. However, there is already a feature request made in a previous post:

You could VOTE if you wish to see this in the coming days!


Hi @Kal_Lam:

Good day. Thank you for the information. I see. I already voted for this feature to be considered in the next updated of KoboToolBox.

Thank you,

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