Repeating groups data validation

I am creating a form that needs to validate the number of people in the house. I have created a group which is representing rooms in a house (this has been set as a repeating group) and in these rooms, the data collector needs to specify the number of people staying in that room.

Now my problem is lets say the data collector has enter 2 on the number of people in the house

and in room one (group one) validation works corrently

but for the other repeating group, it does not add with the first group to validate.

how can i add values from repeating groups for validation?

thats the repearing group.

You would definately encounter the problem. Let me provide some steps that could help you solve this.

  1. In each repeat loop you may have to create a total question that checks for the numbers entered in the previous repeat loops. E.g. QCTOTALCHECK if you said the question which is a calculate question it would pick the number entered in current repeat plus number entered in previous repeat in essence it will cumulatively build the total.

  2. You can then always check if value entered for total slept is less than HHTOTAL minus previous QCTotalCheck

In doing the above you should always remember the need to use the functionality index repeat explained in the support article for repeat groups.

Kindly try this steps and then advice if it works for you


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