Repeating Labels when a certain amount of items is selected

Dear Kobo Users

I have a question regarding survey design where maybe you could help me out. I already tried the search function, but could not find anything.

I have a first multiple-select question where the respondents select all the people they know from a list (Q1, choices for example: A-Z). The following question (Q2) is then based on their selection in Q1. As some respondents might select a large amount of people, I would like to repeat the label in Q2 if in Q1 example more than 10 names are selected and then again if more than 20 names are selected.

Does anybody knows if and how this is possible? Thank you very much in advance.

Welcome to the community, @rpaerli! This section of your query is a bit unclear.

Could you kindly explain it again?


Sorry for the late reply. I try to explain it more easily. So question two bases on a selection of names which is made in question 1. The screenshot here gives an example of how this looks like.

If they select many names in question 1, it might be hard to remember the label in question 2. This is why I wonder if there is any way I can repeat the label (in that case “very rarely” - “very frequently”) once a certain amount of names has been selected in question 1. Is the question more clear now?

Thank you very much in advance.

@rpaerli, you could also do it as outlined in the image shared below:

In the survey tab of your XLSForm:

In the choices tab of your XLSForm:


Data entry screen as seen in Enketo: when nothing is selected in Q1

Data entry screen as seen in Enketo: when something is selected in Q1

Reference XLSForm:

list-nolabel.xlsx (13.0 KB)