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I am Yahya, new to the community! I have a quick question for my new questionnaire tool. Sorry if the question has already been addressed.
The question is, I am about to ask the respondents a question asking the number of HH members. Based on the numbers he/she provided I want to have follow up questions regarding the relationship they have with the head of the HH. How can I constrain the follow up questions on the number he/she provided?

Sorry if the question is not yet clear.

Hi @awjacfar and welcome to the community!

This help article will show you how to achieve that:


Hi @hakan_cetinkaya
Thank you for the reply. I think I have seen in the documents you shared. Let me test is in real scenario and get back to you.

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Sure thing, @awjacfar.


Welcome @awjacfar
In addition to hakan.
You can also find it in the documentation: XLSForm Docs. Also take care, please, of the hint here
Form Logic - ODK Docs.


Thank you for the welcoming, @wroos. I will take care scanning around.

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