Repeating questions

I am building a questionnaire that has 7 blocks. in each block there are a number of questions that are asked . is it possible to have them once then called in each block? or i have to write them in each block ?

Hi @mmarwa,

It’s not mandatory to have grouped questions even though it’s segregated in sections in the hard copy (unless and until you require them while collecting data).

Group questions are generally designed in KoBoToolbox to either skip the entire groups based on some question’s response or to display the questions in a single page. If you do not want them in that way, you could have them normally (without grouping).

@mmarwa Use the repeat question. This will repeat the questions in that block as long as the user keeps selecting add another. You can also control how many times a question should be repeated. Read the, xlsform document.

What i meant was i have i have 5 blocks and in each block, i get to asksome common questions. is there a way that i can have the questions once then call them in in each block without recoding them ?

Call the questions or call up responses to the questions.?

Hi @mmarwa,

Could you show us a sample questionnaire so that it would be easy to understand!


blocks include

  1. Pharmacy
  2. labaratory
  3. Theatre
    The same quetions are asked in each block

Hi @mmarwa,

If i have understood your concern correctly, you should keep the questions in your survey form every time you wish to capture the information. Failing to do so will miss out information from your survey.

However, if it’s a repeated option (for some questions) you could place them once and use them repeatedly.

Hope i got your concern correctly!

You got me well. How do i go about it without coding it it in every block…is there a way of handling it.

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There are two ways by which you can achieve this. I will start with one that is straight forward but could prove as a potential issue in your analysis if someone did not follow a proper order in selecting.
Approach 1

  1. Create a repeating group question for what block are you dealing with I.e. pharmacy etc. Your first question in this repeat group would be Which Block are you Currently referencing? (QBlock)
  2. Add the subsequent questions in the group
  3. Put a note question to instruct data collector that they need to repeat this for the rest of the group.

Note for this approach you need to set it such that QBlock response cannot be repeated if that is what you actually want. You will however use indexed-repeat to actualize this.

Option 2: most recommended

  1. Create the questions in XLS and put them as one group.
  2. In Xls simply copy the entire group to create groups for every block I.e. pharmacy will have its own group. In this case you must allow for repeat within each group if you want to allow for more than one option for filling the group category.


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thanks stephen. This is soo helpful

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