Repeats in field list groups are not supported?

im trying to use a form on kobo collect and getting the error - repeats in field list groups are not supported.
then it lists the repeat group- “jobs” in my case. i have deleted the appearance on 1 page for that particular group… but i still get the same error message. What is the solution please?
And the other weird thing - if i just ok the error message - the form still kind of works in kobocollect anyway. at least its still there… and lets me enter stuff.
Would love to know what to do. thanks!!

@tabas, as a quick check would you also mind validate your XLSForm through this online validator to see if there are any syntax issues?

will try this.
there are no errors showing when i use the form as just a webform. only shows with the kobo app.

Not quite sure what i was supposed to do there… but i exported the form as an xlsx and then plugged it into that link. it switched it to xml - which i then went through and it validated ok.
the form also in the kobo site validates and it works perfectly as a webform.
the error comes up only in the kobocollect app.
And also for other grouped questions it seems.
Thanks for any hints.

I am having this same issues. It works fine on the ODK-XLSForm link (there are no syntac errors).

Just not working on the app.