Repetition of a single question

Hello everyone, I have a multiple choice question in my form, but one of the choices is not precise so the interviewer should specify it manually
in the next question once this option is selected. Now my question is whether it is possible to automatically repeat the part where it has to give the precisions; and this, as many times as desired as long as the question is not in a group?

@tuumaprojectdata, could you provide more details on this, maybe with a sample question and some choices so that the community can understand it more clearly?

Hi @Kal_Lam, To be more clear here is a model in screenshot

; if you choose option 1, you will have to fill in option 2 to give the source of the income which has not been listed in advance in the form. Now, if the respondent has several other sources of income not listed in the form, is it possible to repeat option 2 at will?

@tuumaprojectdata, sorry I didn’t still get your issue. Did you mean to have the name on the label in option 2?

Hi @Kal_Lam, no; in fact, I would like to make repeat option 2 only

Hello @tuumaprojectdata,
you may

  • make a repeat group with the text field
  • use multiple answers in the one textfield, separated by comma or dot (you may add a hint!)
  • offer two or more Autre choices in the choice list, each with an additional text field.
  • offer two or more textfields (the first may be mandatory) if your one Autre choice is selected
  • furthermore, you may try to add more predefined options in your choice list (for ex. looking into other studies).

I would propose to first think about how often you estimate more then one Autre and how will you analyse the additional texts. Proposition 2 above might cover the research requirements already. Proposition 1 has a disadvantage for analyse as you will get an extra subset of the repeats (extra Excel sheet on export).

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Hi @wroos thank you for your different proposals. I will see with that what it gives

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