"Report cannot be loaded" error

Hi folks. I’m new to the community forum. We have a survey currently deployed and data coming in on two surveys (one at the plot level, one at household).

While the household survey data were previously shown in Reports (ie, the visualizations), now the Reports page does not load, giving this error message:
This report cannot be loaded.
error: <h1>Server Error (500)</h1>

Reports works just fine in the plot survey running in parallel.

Please let me know, happy to provide whatever additional info to make this more clear.


Hi @jdsal, welcome to the community.

Can you tell us:

  • Which server you are using? The Humanitarian or the non-humanitarian server?
  • Also a screenshot of the error message you are getting?

All the best,

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Hi @hakan_cetinkaya , thanks for the quick reply. Sorry for the thin initial post.

We’re using non-humanitarian. Screenshot is attached.


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Hi @jdsal,

Can you check if one of your questions has select one instead of select_one? Custom report showing 500 error - #13 by Kal_Lam
Or a select_one_from_file question? Error 500 when creating report or exporting data - #8 by Kal_Lam

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Looks like no. All are select_one and select_multiple. No select_one_from_file.

As a ‘new user’, I can’t attach files, or I’d share the XLSForm.

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@jdsal, could you provide me the following through a private message? Maybe I could have a closer look at your case.

  • Username
  • Project name
  • Server

You should be able to send me a private message as outlined in the post discussed previously:

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@jdsal, I see the same issue (that you have reported) at my end too …

A quick question, your project seems to have 36 redeployments. Do you remember any significant modifications you made with this project? This should give us a clue while troubleshooting. As a quick check, would you also mind cloning your project and then making dummy submissions to see if this cloned project too has this report visualization issue?

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Kal, hi, thanks.

Did you see my direct message with project and login info? I assume so, since you generated the error.

The report was working in previous versions, just a few versions ago, and significant changes were not made.

Thanks again.

Thank you @jdsal! Do you have a rough idea of which version? Maybe I could then make a comparison to see the changes you made then.

Hi Kal - I’m working on this with Jon.

I just cloned the survey and entered some dummy data, and found that reports did indeed show up okay. Any suggestions on next steps? Can we move existing data across and start working from the clone version?

Welcome to the community, @tom.hilton1307! Did not quite understand this clearly?

Do you mean @jdsal and your issue are the same?

Hi yes, sorry for not being clear! Jon and I are colleagues working on this project.

We’ve managed to get a clone of the project working with reports coming in as you suggested. I wondered if there’s a way to import/migrate the data from the original project so that we can see all data in one place on the platform. If not, no worries - we can just stitch them together in Excel afterwards.

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Hi @tom.hilton1307,

The following posts might help you about manually uploading bulk data into another project:


Hope this works.

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