Reporting a cumulative numeric value for an integer question type


in my form I have a “number type query”, when I go into the reports section, the report for that query is in terms of “mean, median, mode…”. Is it possible to have also the total value (total number) resulting from all interviewees responding to that query?
Thanks a lot for your support!

Hi @natascia,

Could you kindly explain us your requirement (as the same seems to be a bit confusing) so that we try to explore and see if it’s possible in KoBoToolbox.

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Hi Kal_Lam,

thanks for feedback.
Example of query:
“Numbero of animals died during the last productive cylce”
Response: “Number (123)”

When going to the reports section, the type of report is thefollowing:
3.e Animais que morreram durante este ciclo produtivo

TYPE: “INTEGER”. 3 out of 7 respondents answered this question. (4 were without data.)

|Mean|Median|Mode|Standard deviation|
| — | — | — | — |

But, in addition to that (Mean, Median…) I would also like to have a report on the total number (value) of animals died (summing all the responses to the questionnaire), for ex. 150 animals died.

How to solve this?

Thank you! Best, Natascia

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Hi @natascia,

Sorry to inform you that KoBoToolbox at the moment does not support the feature you are seeking. However, we would request you to create a suggestion regarding features improvement in the forum here. Kindly please try to explain it clearly so that our developers could understand your requirement clearly.

Have a great day!

I see, will be done!

thank you!

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