Reports can not be loaded

I can not see the report. please help! below dialog has been showed each time.
This report cannot be loaded.
error: <h1>Server Error (500)</h1>

Welcome to the community, @pcsl! Would you mind sharing with us the screenshot of the issue you are having? This should be able to explain your issue in a pictorial form.

I have same problem. do you help me to out of this same problem? all of select_one has been used but it is not working.

@pcsl, you could use this post to discuss the issue. Please provide us the details requested above.

Server name: xxxxxxx
This report cannot be loaded.
error: <h1>Server Error (500)</h1>
this occuered in two projects

@pcsl, I see your form design error here:

Please note that you have used name code under the choices tab which is not supported by the system. The name should not have space. Maybe you could have renamed it as Asma_Khatun or so on.

Welcom @pcsl ,
I would like to recommend always checking the form with this online validator.
Best do this with step-by-step design of a form.

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Dear Concern,

after revise your suggestion, I have uploaded the revised form but still it doesn’t work. here is my form. if you have the solution please send me the sent file with track change, so I can learn.
Community Resilience to Disasters.xlsx (331.3 KB)

Hello @pcsl ,
What is your problem now exactly?
For a lot of questions you do not see ENGLISH labels, because they are not defined in your form. (see your label::English column).
Also, standard naming should be label::English (en). See Adding Another Language to your XLSForm — KoBoToolbox documentation

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@wroos after 14th June the report can not be loaded shown in the report option and could not download the data. Now, I want to see report… Mr. Kal_Lam suggest me some and I did that on the form. still I do not get the solution. please help me to out of the problem.
*English label is not mandetory for the automatic report.

@Kal_Lam do you help me to out of this problem?

@pcsl, when looking at your survey project more closely I could see that you have approximately 10 deployments. In the earlier deployments I see that you have used select one instead of select_one.

Could you tell us how this happened? Did you upload your xlsform through the legacy UI previously? Besides, please be informed that we shall reach you back once we resolve this issue.

We have a GitHub issue for this which you should be able to follow here: