Requesting Example for Advance Calculation (Composite Index)



Many thanks to you for helping out users to solve various problem.

I ran into a big problem at the moment. We have very much complicated scoring along with weight for each section. We have 10 sections on the questionnaire but have divided the weighting options on 4 quarter where each is 25%. Now i want to know several things:

  1. how to weight each option or one Likert scale using the IF function.
  2. I have a question where 5 questions will collect total owned resource related to land. Now I want to weight them as below(the weight shall be put on after sum up all the values from 5 fields.)
    land less=6
    land less than 0.2 acre=5
    0.2 acre- 0.5 acre= 4
    0.5-1acre= 2

    1 = 0
    Now the value of this has to be than multiply with .25
    which then will add with other valued calculated from select one questions.

at the end, all the value from different section will be summed up to form a value out of 100, which shall define the beneficiary to be included or not to be included for the next intervention.

I am really seeking your help and guideline for this. Will be very grateful if you can help me with this. I found an answer for questions with ‘Yes" "no’ but can not find the answer where there more than 5 value to select from.

main source of income.

  1. less than 30000 (weight and xml value= 1)
  2. less than 25000(weight and xml value= 2)
  3. Less than 20000(weight and xml value= 3)
  4. … (weight and xml value= 4)
  5. … (weight and xml value= 5)

you get the scenario I hope. Looking forward to your reply.

Thanks and regards.

(below anwer was helpful for me)

This should be possible. Could you list out a sample questions (please try to limit this to minimum as possible) and limit your sections to simply 2 so that you could understand the concept and adjust it to 4 (which is your requirement). Also please provide the weight score to fit in for a response.

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Hi Kallam,
thanks for approving my post as soon as possible.

I am trying my best to learn and do it by my self. I was struggling with a simple “if” function for more than 4 hours and suddenly I found out that the “less than or equal” and “greater than or equal” symbol is different on the [advanced calculate question] page. And all on a sudden I tried with the guideline from odk page and viola…!!! it worked… would you mind to check that? if I am saying something wrong please correct me and I will need your help on Household rooster page to calculate. I will reply on this page. Hope you will guide me.

Thanks and have a great day.


Maybe it would be easy for us to support you if you could come up with an example. A simple workaround.



Please help me to solve this problems will you.

can not figure out how to work with repeat group data. The scoring system as mentioned below.

single-source income:3 Two means of income:2 More than two: 1
Disabled member in the household:3 otherwise: 0
education (post graduate: 5, graduate 4, HSC 3, SSC or above primary 2, Primary level 1) divided by household size
Income Source: Agriculture 7, Fisheries base 5, Livestock and poultry 4, Labour/informal employment/SME 3, Formal employment/trade base livelihood 1

How to do this for every household rooster.

Please guide me.for support 2.xlsx (14.6 KB)

Looking at the nature of your requirement shouldn’t this be calculated at the household level instead of calculating the same at the household member’s level?

Thanks for the reply.

I have solved the problem by myself anyway.

Acutally the calculation is two fold where some of the calculation require score of each member and than to divide by total number of member (household level) and some of them require the highest score from all the members.

Thanks kallam for the help.

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Thank you for sharing how you solved your issue with the community @Tamim.