Required_message cannot be set in Formbuilder


A required_message cannot be set in Formbuilder

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Create a form with Formbuilder (or import an XLSForm)
  2. Edit form and create a (text) variable
  3. Set Mandatory Response: Yes
  4. Save and re-edit form
    5 Look for required_message entry field (>> None)

Expected behavior

It should be possible to enter a required message (as e.g. constraint_message)

Actual behavior

NO field for required_message created

Workaround is:
Create required_message column and at least one cell text in XLSForm, than import the form. A custom field will be shown (and save on XLSForm)… And it works in Enketo.
RequiredMsg01.xlsx (10.7 KB)
If you want to have 2nd language translation, you need to name the column with :required_message::language. (Even one such column with your first (default) language, will create then an item in KoBo translation table and a second ::language column in XLS download.

Additional details

OCHA Server (11/04/2020)
Also see old topic (2015); Required Message (but imported msg work now in Enketo)

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