Respondents completing a url-sent survery without data

Hi all

Curious to hear your comments. I am wanting to share a survey with potential respondents using the URL link. However, I am concerned they will not be able to open the url as many do not have data.

This is probably wishful thinking but does anyone know if there is a way that respondents can open, complete and submit a survey without data. I highly doubt it but maybe someone has come across this problem before and found a remedy (even outside of Kobo)

Thanks in advance

Welcome to the community, @dgmoody! You should be able to do the same by following the instructions as outlined in this support article Collecting Data through Web Forms.

Thanks but that is not what I mean. The people were are surveying have limited data and we want to share this survey with them via whatsapp or SMS. However, in order to open it they need data which they often do not have. Does that makes sense?

Makes sense, but not sure if you can do something like that with Kobo, because at some point you’ll need to have data to access the form, either with enketo or collect, to download the form and later to submit the responses.

I know of dataplans that have free messagaging (whatsapp, messenger and similar) and I also saw a company selling global SIM cards that could only be used for text messages in those messaging apps, so you could send a whatsapp message but not make a whatsapp call.

If your case is similar, maybe you can do a survey with chatbots? The bot will send a message inviting to do the survey via whatsapp and then depending on the answers of the person, continue sending follow up questions. If their free messaging plan includes Telegram, maybe creating Telegram chatbots would be cheaper? I’m not sure what it costs to have a whatsapp chatbot.

You could do something similar too with SMS, you would need a service that can send and receive SMS and some way to automate it (API or integrations). You can then send SMS to the people and then send a new question each time they reply to the previous question.

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