Response Grouping Error

Our team members in Mozambique had uploaded data on kobo regarding one of the programmes. However, when looking at the dashboard, the data is grouped as two different responses even though the responses are the same.

Could you kindly guide me as to why this might be happening?

I am also sharing a screenshot for reference.

Can you download the data into Excel and check exactly the characters entered, there might be trailling spaces or newlines.
It is a disadvantage using text type here instead of select type with predefined values.

Did you change the form (in this part) during data collection?

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@wroos thank you for the response.

I downloaded the data in Excel and checked. The entries are identical.

Also, I have not made any changes to the form after deployment.

Would you mind to send these columns (only) from the Excel file, please, as xlsx file?

As new user, @Kal_Lam would need to give you first the right for file attachments, please.

Did you check your form with the online validator? This is generally recommended during form development and before deployment.

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Thank you @wroos for the help.
I had overlooked the space at the end of two entries. The issue is resolved.

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@rafglobal, @wroos, :clap: :heart: :partying_face: