REST Services - Failed (Read timed out) status on successful submissions


Please see the attached gif (video):

  • The last few REST submissions of this form have a failed status (read timeout).
  • However, these REST submissions have been sent, and received and processed successfully by the consuming web service (PHP/MySQL)
  • In fact now, every submission is being sent twice!
  • Every new submission first shows a ‘Pending’ status with the “HTTPConnectionPool read timed out” message in More Info. This is after the rest submission is sent successfully via the API, and received and processed by the web service. At some point, the “Pending” status changes to “Failed”
  • Clicking the Retry link did not resolve the problem. Either nothing happens or the REST submission is sent again, but the Failed Status remains as it is
  • I deleted a couple of the “Failed” submissions from the Data tab, to see if that would cancel/remove the REST submission entry. It did not work. Just that a “No data available” message appears in More Info for its REST submission entry after a subsequent retry
  • Also, cloned the form/project and ran it (it is a web/enketo form). Same problem with REST submission in the cloned version as well
  • There are other forms making REST submissions to the same host and web service. No “read time out” issues for those other forms

kobotoolbox - rest services issue

Can someone please help?

already looked at:

Hello, is there any response for this issue?

an additional note…
As I have written in my original note, every new REST submission does get sent to and processed by, the receiving web service, but goes into ‘Pending’ status with the “HTTPConnectionPool read timed out” message in More Info in the kobotoolbox server (rest submissions list).
Then there are 3 retries for the REST submission since it is in ‘Pending’ state. With every retry, the form submission is being sent and received again by the web service. The web service processes it again and makes another (duplicate) entry in a database.
There are no errors/timeouts in any of the processing done by the web service

Dear KoboToolbox support,

Is there any way that this issue can be resolved in the kobotoolbox server?

This is a serious problem. Appreciate any help I can get - reason as to why this is happening, and a fix


I’m having a similar problem with timeouts on our recent submissions. It fails the first one or two attempts, then ends up hanging on the second or third attempt with a timeout error. Are there any options to manually increase the timeout timer for the REST Services?