Restore a deleted project

Is it possible to restore a deleted project?


Hi Mowaffak,

When you delete a deployed data collection project from your account it’s deleted from our database as well. In the future we’ll set up a ‘recycling bin’ system from where you can restore deleted projects again.

If the data you deleted was of high priority we can check if we can possibly restore it from a database backup, but that is a manual process that takes time.




On Wed, Nov 18, 2015 at 1:13 PM, Mowaffak Bakkar wrote:

Is it possible to restore a deleted project?


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Dear Tino,

Two days ago we discovered that we could no more upload data to our KOBO account. After revising the account we discovered that the project was unintentionally deleted. The project contained about 200 to 300 records.

The title of the project is was “استطلاع سلل الشتوي و حالة المسكن WV”. This project belongs to our Humanitarian Organization.

If could help us restore the records of the project, this would be highly appreciated.
our account on KOBO is “handinhandforsyria”

Thanks for your cooperation


On Wednesday, November 18, 2015 at 1:13:57 PM UTC+2, Mowaffak Bakkar wrote:

Is it possible to restore a deleted project?


Unintentionally yesterday I have deleted my very much importent project. my project name is: Gender_Survey_Print_Story. The project contained about 2200 records.

The project belongs to our humanitarian organization. if could help us restore the project, that would be highly appreciated.

Thanks for you cooperation.

hi @tino_kreutzer,
I need help for restoring a deleted project. which has about 2200 records. it is very important for us.

Can you help us please?