Restore deleted form

Unfortunately I have deleted a form that I need for data collection. Please let me know how can I restore that form.

Welcome to the community, @anupamadias! Do you mean you deleted your survey from through your user account?

Yes. That happend mistakenly.

Sorry to inform you that KoBoToolbox at the moment is not able to restore accidentally deleted projects from the server :disappointed:

I have shared that form with another person. through Kobocollect. Is it possible to restore the from from her Kobocollect account.
Pl. advice

Restoring a form is not possible but yes, you could restore the data if it’s still in the Collect android app.

Oh. I need the form. Still we are testing the form. I am new to Kobotoolbox.

Sorry, deleted forms cannot be restored.

Ok. Thank you.

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