Restore the recent deleted project


I just observed that my project for which data collection is going on is not appearing on my dashboard. This is resulting loss of entire project and data. Is it possible to retrive data or project

Welcome to the community @isdrrglobal! Would you mind letting us know how your project disappeared. Also please let us know if you are the admin user or if someone else shared the same with you.

Yes I am admin user and id is xxxxxxx. I had one project named IIED1202 but it is not appearing in the project list. Please help us in retrieving

Could you also let us know the server you are using?

username: xxxxxxx

Server -
User - xxxxxx
Missing project Name - IIED1202F

Thanks received! I changed your username for security reasons.

Could you let us know the tentative submissions that the user account had?

Approx 500

OK, could you give us a brief description on how you lost your project? When did you lose your project?

Today 4 hour ago when i opened dashboard to update project than i saw the project was missing from dashboard.

Did you happen to see any error message? Kindly please provide a brief of what exactly happened (you noticed, observed) so that we could forward the same to our developers. That should be very helpful to troubleshoot.

I had an update in the form in IIED1202F project. When accessed the portal for updating the form by replacing xls an error appeared but not sure what it was. I refreshed the webpage as I had done no activity by the time but after refreshing my project got disappeared.

Thank you. This information is helpful! Will get back to you soon.