Restrict editing after form submission after validation

Hi Everyone !

Is there a way to restrict form edits using the web-platfrom ? maybe one edit at most or not being able to edit after form is label “Approved” on validation column.

Hi @megfp welcome back to the community!

Row level permissions can make you achieve that: Row-Level Permissions — KoboToolbox documentation

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In addition to hakan_cetinkaya.
It is not possible to automatically restrict editing based on another case value, like “approved”, _submission_time etc.


Thank you !
In many of my project I think it would be useful. However, In some particular cases I think many edits would damage the integrity. So I need to maintain the number of edits by web-users.

Do you think that there are other cases that can help restrict editing ?

@megfp, as mentioned by @wroos, this is not possible at the moment with KoboToolbox. I have changed your post to a feature request. Maybe you could VOTE for it to make it a reality in the near future.

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