Restrict users from collecting data for a specific area - GEOFENCING

Restriction of a user who will not able to submit data for a specific area

How would your actual geofence be defined? eg using a hardcoded geoshape in your form (via default value on readonly geoshape property)? Or is the fence something you need to change dynamically without having to rev the form?

I have moved this topic to the new feature suggestion box category, as it is not a feature KoBo already has built-in.

it will be hardcoded in my form as a geoghape and user will not be allowed to submit data unless he is not in the geoshape

FYI I posted an ODK XForms-based solution for a geofence to the ODK Forum: . It can probably be adapted to your need (ie hardcoded geoshape fence instead of a user specified one).

It works fine under Enketo, but does require the latest version of Collect, as it depends on the new substring-after() XPath function in ODK. But I imagine this will get picked up in the next KoboCollect update.