Restricting choices in a repeat group

I am trying to hide choices selected in a repeat group. I have refered to the xlsform (restrict choices already selected from a repeat group). But, it does not hide options selected and also there are errors upon validation. My survey on abandoned fishing gears has one question about most commonly seen abandoned gears. Choices include 1. Ropes, 2. Nets, 3. Trawls 4. Buoys 5. Traps 6. Fish aggregating devices 7. Weighs 8. Hooks. I need to limit the answers to 5 options. In each round of options, the choice selected previously should be hidden from subsequent rounds of selection. How may I go about this?

Welcome back to the community, @minuri_perera! You could do it as outlined in the post discussed previously:

@Kal_Lam thank you so much for your response. I found it very useful. However, there were some errors whenever I chose the last few options in my choice list. When I picked any options below plastic polystrene, it still appears in the subsequent rounds of selection.
choice-filter-repeat-group.xlsx (10.4 KB)