Restricting responses

Hello all…I am faced with this challenge. I am conducting quite a sensitive study. I have a sample of respondents whom I assigned unique numbers in my Excel database. I want each respondent to enter a unique number (001, 002, 003, … etc) within the questionnaire. The unique number entered by respondent A should match the one I have in my Excel database. This is meant to help me track response rates and also for further consultations where need be. To achieve this, I will be sending individualized Emails to the eligible respondents with the unique Number they should enter on the questionnaire

Q1. Questionnaire Number [Select one]
Option1 001
Option1 002

If respondent A chooses option1, then option1 should not be among the available options to the subsequent respondents.

Thank you all!

Welcome back to the community, @abraham_oluka! This feature is not available with KoboToolbox. But you could definitely create a new features request for the same here.