Restricting user access

Is there a way to restrict user access to specific projects in KoboToolBox?

At present, I have my account, with multiple projects, where I want to only allow certain people to fill out each survey, and NOT have access to the other projects as each project contains sensitive information. i.e., can projects be restricted to specific survey respondents?

The only solution I have at the moment is for each survey respondent to make a unique KoboToolBox account, and I publicly share the specific project with them. Unfortunately, I’m not sure what the implications are, or if there may be more fees involved as a result.

Would prefer to not do that and instead just offer private access for survey respondents to complete their projects assigned to them.

Thanks for any help provided!

Hi @mjack and welcome to the community!

This help article shows you how to achieve that:

They need to have their own accounts in order to do that. Creating an account doesn’t require any fees.

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@mjack, this support article Row-Level Permissions should also help you mange sharing permissions of your projects.

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