Retaining Response Value from Previous question's response

Hi family.
Is it possible to refer to a calculate-type question, in the skip logic section?

Q1. Number of Female?
Q2. Number of Male?
Q3. ${Q1}+${Q2}

Q4. If total is more than 10, for how long (in years) has this population been living there?

My question now is, when I try to put a skip logic for Q4, the question Q3 is not appearing on the list of questions I want to refer to (because Q3 is a calculate-type question).How best can I tell the logic that ‘show this question (Q4) only if Q3 > 10’?

Hi Rukudzo,

Please get attached to the excel sheet for your reference. I had made dummy file.

Calculation.xlsx (10.1 KB)

Hope it works for you.

Dinesh Dongol

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@Dnes, :bowing_man: :pray:

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