Retries and CommandError: Retries exceeded; failed to connect; problem with kobo-install

Both on Darwin and linux;
Latest git pull.

kobo-install % python3
Removing network kobo-docker_kobo-maintenance-network
WARNING: Network kobo-docker_kobo-maintenance-network not found.
Removing network kobo-docker_kobo-fe-network
WARNING: Network kobo-docker_kobo-fe-network not found.
Removing network kobo-docker_default
WARNING: Network kobo-docker_default not found.
Launching environment
Creating network "kobo-docker_default" with the default driver
Pulling postgres (mdillon/postgis:9.5)...
Pulling redis_cache (redis:3.2)...
Pulling mongo (mongo:3.4)...
Creating kobo-docker_redis_main_1  ... done
Creating kobo-docker_postgres_1    ... done
Creating kobo-docker_mongo_1       ... done
Creating kobo-docker_redis_cache_1 ... done
Creating network "kobo-docker_kobo-fe-network" with driver "bridge"
Pulling kpi (kobotoolbox/kpi:2.020.18)...
2.020.18: Pulling from kobotoolbox/kpi
Digest: sha256:8ac71c418bb32d98db48c28d980700c100f22c307787ee215394d4f15ca57e70
Status: Downloaded newer image for kobotoolbox/kpi:2.020.18
CommandError: Retries exceeded; failed to connect
An error has occurred

Numerous times.
And something similar to :


I have the same problem