Retrieve datas from KoboToolBox


as there are now quotas in KoboToolBox platoform I would like to know if there is a way to retrieve (and then delete) datas from KoboToolBox. This way, I could free up space gradually during our assessments.
Furthermore, which is the best method to retrieve large amounts of pictures. I have approximatively 700GB of pictures.

Welcome back to the community, @utsi.mtptc! Did you mean you wish to delete submissions and storage to free up space so that you are within the threshold provided by the system?

Hi Kal, thanks for your answer…

Exactly. I would like to be able to stay within the limits, but without having to manualy export data and delete them everytime.
I first tought that the REST API would gave me access to HTTP standard method as GET, DELETE. But it seems that the REST API is only able to send data to another REST service each time a new data is created.

What I really would like is to be able 1) to import all my current data and pictures through my own script 2) create a mecanism to autodownload then delete datas of a my projects weekly.

On another hand, I know that I can download the pictures using DownThemAll, but I don’t know if it will handle my 700 GB of pictures very efficiently. I really would not like to loose any data so I prefer a “smarter” way to import and cross check that everything is there before deletion