Retrieve Photo from previous version of forms and deleted questions


I have made some changes to several questions of the form, and deleted some questions. I managed to get the data from the previous versions following the article " Recovering Data From Previous Form Versions". It worked for most of my questions, however for one question where photos were added, I can see the name of the photo when I download the form but there is no URL associated and therefore it is impossible for me to have access to this photo to reupload it in the new column created. Is there any way I could get back photos from deleted questions ? You can see a screenshot of the 3 columns from previous versions, with the URL column being empty.

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Welcome back to the community, @Emeline_92! Have you included Include media URLs as outlined in this support article Downloading Photos and Other Media?


Yes I have, all my other data from the current questions have the URL associated with and I can have access to the media (in this case photos) without any issue. Only the two photos on the screenshot which are from a deleted questions doesn’t have an URL and I do not know how I can have access to these 2 photos.

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@Emeline_92, would you also mind sharing the screenshot from the DATA>Table?

Hi, sorry for the late reply, I was on the field. So here is a screenshot of the modified questions, where previously for logging I had a picture associated (see screenshot 1)

Here are the columns I deleted, you can still see for human usage the name of the picture and in khmer the type of human usage (logging) but I would like to download those two images to upload it at the right place, in the new questions for human usage in the first screenshot. This is where I am stuck, cannot seem to be able to access these 2 images.

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@Emeline_92, the issue has been resolved by now. Could you kindly confirm?

I just checked and unfortunately it is still the same issue.

It is the same issue, all the rest of the images I have access to the URL but not those two photos.

I still did as explained in the article.

Thank you for your help, Emeline