Retrieve records from old data collection URL


I’m having trouble locating my survey records. I created a form, deployed it, and shared the data collection URL with users. However, after sharing the URL, I made a slight change to the name of the form. Unfortunately, it wasn’t until much later when I checked my data that I found there were no records. When I checked my account, I realized my data collection URL had changed, and I’m guessing it’s because I changed the name of the form. I’m surprised that the original URL was still working and people were able to submit records. Is there a way to retrieve those records? I still have the original URL and it still works, but I don’t know where those records are being stored.

Welcome to the community, @belle253! Simply changing the project name should not change the URL you use for data collection. Could you kindly share the exact steps you performed so that we could understand what went wrong?

Thanks! Unfortunately, I didn’t realize the URL had changed until much later when I saw there were no responses. So I’m not sure what caused it to change. I thought I changed the title in the settings tab of my xls form or renamed my project name because when I click on the two URLs, I can see that the name at the top of the form is different. If it’s not possible to retrieve the records then I will resend the survey.