Retrieving completed tools - Error 404 (collect%3AnJJSIIbh1UNvrfb4)

My field data collector missed out on an instruction to delete the old template and upload the new one. Modifications were made, the other team deleting and uploading to the new one. Now I am stuck, need the questionnaires collected on the old one. Is that possible to retrieve the completed entries???

Have you gone through our support article Manually Uploading Submissions? It should help you solve your issue.

Hie @Kal_Lam
I have zipped the folders and am getting this

Where am I going wrong?

Seems like the data have already been synced with the server.

Thanks @Kal_Lam

I made minor coding changes (but not to the structure of the tool) and expected all users to delete the previous tool and install the current one but this particular user continued with the old one.

So there is no option that can salvage the data?