Retrieving forms stored on the kobocollect tablet app

Hi the Kobotoolbox community,

Last March and April, 4 interviewers went to Senegal to conduct household surveys using KoboCollect.

I was in charge of designing the kobo form and monitoring the surveys. While the interviewers were in the field, I had to make changes to the form, leading to updates and the creation of several versions. However, there was a synchronization problem between an update and the download of the updated form, which meant that the interviewers filled in over 100 forms without being able to send them to the server, because I had in the meantime deleted the server associated with the non-updated form… these forms are therefore stored by the Kobocollect app in 4 tablets.

Looking on the internet, I found an option using ODK BriefCase (How to retrieve data from KoBoCollect using ODK Briefcase? - #8 by Kal_Lam), but our local collaborator, who owns the tablets in question, is having trouble implementing this procedure, which doesn’t seem to be working…

So I’d like to ask you if you’ve encountered this kind of problem before, and if you know of any other recovery procedures that could be tested.

Thank you very for your answer.
Juliette Mariel

Welcome to the community, @juliettemariel! Maybe these support articles should also help solve your issue: