Retro-alimenting Form with collected info

Hey everyone!

The idea i wanna reach and automatise is to pull data in a form, from the previous surveys made by the same form.
Most typical example is to folllow beneficiaries, when an household has been interviewed once given all the general information, if they answer the same survey again they don’t have to answer general question just give an id code and the form knows it’s a previous beneficiaries and knows the number of person in household etc etc

The way i found is to charge a csv preloaded in the media part of the form and use the pull-data function. However, charging this csv is done manually. Treating the csv can be done by a Macro Excel.
Is there any way (API, Goodle spreadsheet) that could allow me to automatize this process?
I’m not a developer but i can try to understand :wink:

Thanks a lot!