Return the data to Respondent after its submission


is it possible for a respondent to get the data he/she submitted before (accidently)? The idea is to allow the respondent to double check.


And resubmit it again

Welcome to the community @lazasoa! At the moment, users are able to view the data they have submitted in the KoBoToolbox server if you provide the user with row level permissions as outlined in the support article Row-Level Permissions. For further understanding you could also have a look at our support article Managing Permissions.

But unfortunately, please be informed that users at the moment are not able to edit the submissions from row-level permission. Here is a feature request post for the same:

Maybe you could VOTE for the same to see this feature in the future.


thank you so much @Kal_Lam for your guidance. This is much appreciated. As stated by others, it would be great if this functionality is available in the near future.


Just thinking out loud, it would be great if there is a possibility to put the submitted data into queue (as it is for a saved draft) and label it as last data submitted. So that respondents can upload it if needed. Thanks again.

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Could you explain this a further (probably with some image/sketch) if possible?

Dear @Kal_Lam, Thank you for your message.

Assuming it is an offline/online and multi-submission mode.
What I’m thinking of is that after ticking on the Submit button. This very last data that has been submitted will be available like a Draft when the respondent click to save on draft. That means the submit button will send the data to the server and save it in the computer as well (with a name like Last data submitted to differentiate it with a Draft one). With this option the Respondent can easily upload the last submitted data into the form again if need be.

Hope this is clear and hope this can be made available by the team.

Again, thank you,

Dear @lazasoa

If got you right, you are looking for a way to load the form and probably edit it for a later update. If this is the case then kindly note that that would not be possible as covered in other topics where once data has been submitted, there is no way to send it back to the data collection device for editing.

You can however expound further on your proposal and see if it is unique compared to other items within the suggestions for the future. If so, please feel free to create this suggestion for future use.


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Dear @stephanealoo thank you for your message. I echo what others said, it would be great if this option will be available in the next version of the tool.

All the best

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