Right to Left Layout for R-L Languages


Though there is translation available in Kobototoolbx, only the questions will be displayed in the the preferred language while layout of the page does not change. For example for Right to Left languages the layout is still Left to Right.
Is it possible to change the layout of the form too?


@faridqanet, could you share a screenshot of your issue so that the community can understand your issue pictorially?

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You may need to

  • Change also the language of the account/projekt
  • Make sure that the first textual element in the xlsform (question, hint, guidance hint, etc.) is (also) given in the prefered language. See
    Adding Another Language to your XLSForm — KoboToolbox documentation
    “When adding a language that uses right-to-left script it is important to use the correct language code, however even if the correct code is used, if the first question, hint, or note is written in a left-to-right script the form will automatically format the rest of the translation to a left-to-right format.”

Maybe you can share your form (or an extract) to allow better support.


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