Roster not repeating as expected

Good morning,

I use a repeat group in one of my form but when I display the form on Enketo the insert is not displayed if I do not refresh the page. More precisely, when I enter the number ( of household member) that will be used in the repeat count, I jump back to previous section of the questionnaire. Tried to create some groups but can not find the solution. Does anyone would have an idea to fix this issue?

@cindyb, could you share a screenshot of your issue so that we could understand it pictorially?

When I enter for example the number 2, the insert is not displayed in the section Survey of household members and I go back automaticaly to previous question. If I want the insert being display I then need to refresh the page and it’s then it’s ok

There seems to be a syntax issue in your xlsform. Would you mind sharing the same with the community. The community should be able to help you out.

This is the Enketo link to the beta version of the form:

and xls form: HH_survey_V7.xlsx (43.4 KB)

Thanks for your help!

BTW, did you say while editing or while entering data through Enketo?

The issue occurs when I try to enter data in Enketo

@cindyb, I see that your entry is affected by the relevant you have used under G37, where you have to satisfy two conditions to get this repeat group activated i.e. ${consent}='yes' and ${primary_member}='yes'.

Try reviewing this and it should solve your issue.

Tried to remove one of the condition but still does not work. I also tested previous version (with the 2 conditions) on Kobo Collect, and it works. So I think the issue is Enketo related

@cindyb, you should be able to enter your repeat group if and only if you satisfy 2 conditions as your repeat group is nested inside a group which gets activated if and only if the condition is satisfied. Try removing the conditions and check out. It should work.

Yes indeed, if I remove the relevant conditions it works! But do not work if I maintain the conditions even if these are validated. But the point is that I need to have these relevant conditions. Do you know how to keep these two conditions while the insert would be displayed in the same way?

Maybe you will need to extract the repeat group outside the group that has the conditions. This should also solve your issue. e.g.

At the moment your survey question is structured as follows:

begin group

begin repeat

end repeat
end group

So maybe you will have to restructure it as follows:

begin group

end group

begin repeat

end repeat

This structure should help you solve your issue.

tried this solution and indeed now the insert is displayed directly. But unfortunately, have now some other issue on the way previous question (12;b) is displayed, the same for the rest of the survey. Will try to do some tests creating some new groups, hope I’ll fix the issue

Thanks for your time!

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