[row : 552] List name not in choices sheet: vo4lq95

Hello, this error dont left me see the preview form… and i cant implement it… can you help me?

Hi @lufers4, please try using a form validator and see if it provides more information to track down the issue. If you are still stuck, we can assist from there :+1:



Thanks for answer me,but i did the form in the design mode, i dont know how to acces to the sheet :dizzy_face:

Oh I see… then it could be a bug in the form-builder. For reference, you can download the form XML from the drop-down menu, as seen below. You can then upload that XML file to the validator.


Thanks Josh, i can download the xml… and the validator said this, and i have 1160 questions :frowning:
[Fatal Error] :1:1: Premature end of file.

XML is invalid. See above for the errors.
org.xml.sax.SAXParseException; lineNumber: 1; columnNumber: 1; Premature end of file.
The following files failed validation:
Result: Invalid

That’s a very big form! I will have to ask @Kal_Lam or @stephanealoo to assist you with that :+1:

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Thanks for all Josh i wait for @Kal_Lam or @stephanealoo answer… have a nice day. :smiley:

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@lufers4, how long is your choice list?

Hi Kal, the principal choice list has 4 products and each product has a choice list with 4 options, each option have diferents questions… its a big form… but i have 3 forms in this way and work perfect…

@lufers4, feel free to share your xlsform with the community. Maybe we could have a closer look at it (to see if your xlsform has a syntax issue or the issue is because of your very long survey project).

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Hi Kal, thanks for all, here is the xlsform, i do it in design mode…
whe i try to implement it, this error appear: [row : 552] List name not in choices sheet: vo4lq95
av6azp9SVPvWMiLyKBu6fq.xlsx (66.4 KB)

This is an error message when you have a select_one vo4lq95 or a select_multiple vo4lq95 in the survey sheet in row 552 but you don’t have the respective choices under the choices tab for this question. As a quick check, you could press CTRL + F and then type vo4lq95 under the survey sheet and see that the question is there. Similarly, you could press CTRL + F and then type vo4lq95 under the choices sheet and see that the list_name vo4lq95 is missing there.

Solution, you will have to provide the list_name, name, and label for the missing question. That should solve your issue. Please also be informed that once you fix this you should re-check your xlsform through the online validator to see if there are any other syntax issues within your xlsform. You will need to repeat this cycle until you fix the issue.

Thankssss Kal!!! really you are the best team :slight_smile: @Josh @kal_LAm