Row Level Permission - Using Questionnaires without Account Password

Dear Colleagues,

I would like to bring an issue to yoru kind attention. We are sharing several questionanires (projects) from Main Kobo Account to Partners Kobo Accounts and the partners configure thier own Kobo accounts in KoboCollects for data collection. In this case, the partners need to put both USERNAME and PASSWORD in Tablets/Smartphone; which is very risky as the Enumerator will have access to Kobo Accounts.
Thus, I would like to understand if there is any possiblity to get the blank form in KoboCollect without putting the PASSWORD. The following Settings are USED:

Username: xxxxxx
Password: xxxxxx

Thank you very much.

@rahmat, if you have shared your project with your partners via the Row-Level Permissions feature you will need to configure the same as you have shown.

Maybe you could minimize the risk of sharing the password by having 2 different accounts viz. the admin account which should have the admin rights to the survey project, and the enumerators account which could be assigned with data viewing and data submission permissions as outlined in the support articles Managing Permissions and Row-Level Permissions. You could thus share the username and the password for the enumerator’s account keeping your admin account safe.

Dear Kal_Lam,

It is well noted; however, the enumerators’ account is still and Admin for the Implementing Partners and they will not want to share the password with Enumerators. What I really would like if possible to have access to questionnaire without putting the ENUMERATORS’ ACCOUNT PASSWORD in KoboCollect. (Only purpose is password).


you can configure local Collect accounts (tablet, smartphone) by barcode protected with admin password. See

@rahmat, you could use the following URL:

But please note that this does not work for a shared project unless you are the admin.