Rules of Naming Variables

Hello all!

Do we have standards for naming variables in Kobo?

What is the recommended number of questions per page?

What is the maximum length of character per variable?

Can we have two options with same name but different category in choices sheet? For example, other in categories related to Job type and other related to area of living.

Welcome to the community, @Abdallah_Sanaan! Regarding your queries:

KoboToolbox does not support a variable name starting with a number. A variable name can however contain alpha-numeric characters and underscores.

It depends. But generally, the page would load quickly if you had fewer questions and choices compared to many questions and choices.

If you mean, it’s for the text question type, it varies between the tool you use to collect your data. The Collect android app should be able to capture more characters compared to the Enketo aka web forms.

The choices can be the same for many questions. The only thing is that the same question does not allow the same choices over again. Like say, you have a question, What is your favorite fruits?. You may have the following choices:

1 Apple
2 Orange
3 Banana

This is permitted.

However, this is not permitted:

1 Apple
1 Orange
3 Banana

This is permitted, but it should have data management issues for you later when analyzing:

1 Apple
2 Apple
3 Banana