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I am just trying to have the same XML value for different options but there is always an error message while deploying that I should add allow_duplicates, but this doesn’t work in my case, the options are appearing with the same texts after reviewing.
for example:
male 0
female 1
man 0
girl 1
after deploying, those options appear as :
please note that these XML values cannot be changed as they are present in scoring and analysis.

You probably used the same labels for the (value) duplicates.

Why do you need duplicates here? You might use two separate choice lists with similar codes.

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Can u show me how for the given example?

Would you mind to explain what you exactly want to do/achieve, please.
And could you share here the related part of your form (survey and choices extract)?

@toufikhayek, this post discussed previously should help you solve your issue:

@Kal_Lam thanks for sharing this, so your solution was to change the name of each item, however, I need the name to be the same as I have the same values for two different options and these values presenting in my scoring and analysis, hope you got it. I can’t allow duplicates, the options will be the same in the survey so as I mentioned before, in the xls file I put for example these items:
Male 0
Female 1
Man 0
Girl 1
But unfortunately, they appear as this,

@toufikhayek, could you provide a screenshot or more details of your issue so that the community could also dig in to it?

Thanks for replying to this, I solved this issue using calculations.
As you can see I was trying to have same XML value=0 in the choices sheet for the answers “Not True, and NA”.
However, I used another XML value for “NA” but transferred it to 0 using the if function in the calculations.
I hope this feature will be available soon for conditions like that.
XML.xlsx (9.4 KB)

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