Sampling without repeat group

I have a list of 10 people, and I want to select randomly 3 people only to be interviewed. How can I set this programming in XLs form?

Hello @DJAA,

This might be a workaround for your question, if I understand it correctly.

If you have the list of people already, you can create a select_one question with random choices as you can see in here:

And then you might say, “Please choose first three options” then you can create some questions for those first three options.

Hope this workaround works for you.

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It not the right one

Sorry to hear that @DJAA, is there any way that you can elaborate so community might find something?

I just want a way of randomly selecting 3 out 10 from the list by using kobo. There is no need for setting a repeat group since I have a list.If you can support me please do it. I appreciate your support.

I have checked how the randomized choices function works and I find that it can not support me as I want to do it.
but stephan do something like this. if you can bling me the xlsform that he use It can help me. the link is: