“save as draft” option only appears at the end of the survey

A second issue is that I would like respondents to be able to complete the survey in multiple sitting, but when I deploy and launch the form (without the added logo fields), the “save as draft” option only appears at the end of the survey.
Can anyone assist me? I apologise if my question duplicates one already on the board.

@DOC, kindly please be informed that I have split this query to a new post so that we could manage the issues systematically.

Could you let us know the option that you selected to generate the data entry URL:

Thank you for your response. I selected Online-Offline (multiple submission)

@DOC, could you share your xlsform so that we could have a closer look at it? If you feel it should be treated confidentially, please feel free to share it through a private message.

Hi, Kal

I also have the same concern. Where can I send my xlsform so you can help check it? Thanks a lot.


@wiydiy, you could send us a private message as outlined here:

I did. Awaiting your response when available on this issue.


@DOC, sorry seems like you shared the same old xlsform that we had discussed in this post:

If, it’s the same one, please validate them through the online validator.

@wiydiy, received your message as a private message. Kindly please be informed that when collecting data through Enketo as Online-Only (single submission) you will not have the option to save your form as draft. Maybe you will need to choose the Online-Only (multiple submissions) instead.

I already changed it to multiple submission, still havent seen any ‘save as draft’ button on my page… what should i do?

@wiydiy, when you change Online-Only (single submission) to Online-Only (multiple submissions), you will also need to copy the link as outlined in the support article Collecting Data through Web Forms.

I already did as suggested,

but the save as draft button still doesnt show up.

@wiydiy, let me give it a check.

@wiydiy, well your survey has a layout setting of pages:

Image 0

In this setting, your entire survey project is split into multiple pages and the system cannot save only one page. Instead, it has to save the entire page hence its Save Draft is available only in the end.

Thus, you may need to click to Go to End to forcefully save your survey form.

Then click the Save Draft, when you reach the end of your survey.