“Save form and exit” button cannot be pressed

Hello, I found this thread when I was searching for the problem which some of my enumerators are facing. On Kobocollect app, the “Save form and exit” button cannot be pressed. As in, even after pressing the button, the form doesn’t do anything. I have a screen recording of it if you guys wanna have a look

@paani, I have created a separate topic for this issue so that we could document issues related with KoBoToolbox systematically.

Could you let us know the KoBoCollect android app version you are using? Also please let us know the android app OS and the device model you are using. This should be helpful for us to troubleshoot your issue.

Hello @Kal_Lam , sorry for the delayed response. My team consists of many people. But the problem is occurring for 5-10% of those.

All members of my team have an Android phone with latest Kobo collect app installed. The manufacturer of the devices vary, but I’ve found out that the problem is occurring for “Redmi” devices more than others.

@paani, so in this case, would you mind checking the device if it has both the KoBoCollect android app and the ODK Collect android app installed. If this is the case remove one of them. If your device however do not have both the apps installed, uninstall the KoBoCollect that is in the device and then try installing the ODK Collect to see if this solves your issue?

I had already informed the users to restart their phones, which worked for some of them. But some users said that the restart works for 1-2 submissions and the problem arises again.

Since then we issued a memo to not use Redmi devices for data collection. Now it’s not an issue for us, but the problem is still out there.

I suspect it has something to do with picture in picture feature of Android; where you have some sort of live-score of a game pinned on the screen, and you’re filling out the info.

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Sharing with us a screenshot of your device (that has issues) would be helpful.

Even better, I have a screen recording :slight_smile: Link

@paani, have you validated your xlsform through this online validator? Does it show any issue there?

share some screen snaps

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